Travel Writer / Contributing Editor, Airfare Watchdog. Hawaii is absolute shit and is completely overrated. I will visit Hawaii for sure at least once, just can't fit it in my schedule in the near future.

Hawaii: Hawaii is overrated...Boring as hell - See 51 traveler reviews, 1,440 candid photos, and great deals for Hawaii, at Tripadvisor. save hide report.

Hawaii - Overrated Eats in Kauai - Last week we had a great stay at the family place in Kauai. Off the beaten path though, especially if you rough it a little, Hawaii is totally unique. I would say that Hawaii is underrated as a destination, because most tourists only catch a … #5 Colorado Denver is a weirdly bland, Midwestern snore, with an air quality problem. A major travel destination like Hawaii is bound to get overhyped, overrated, and eventually overrun. In a recent Reddit thread, users were asked what was the most disappointing place they'd ever traveled to, and why. He had asked me a question people ask me quite often; “So how awesome is it living in Hawaii?” r/Hawaii: A community for discussing local kine things.

Second time in two years. Los Angeles climate/weather beats anywhere in Hawaii because at least we have some variation in the weather here, something that Hawaii … This place has been serving breakfast for Douglas MacArthur.

One morning, mid-week we met some friends for breakfast at Gaylord's @ the Kilohana Plantation.

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Hawaii's unique wine scene, with vineyards that produce pineapple and guava-infused wines, is an off-the-beaten-path way to explore the area. " Diamond Head is overrated: crowded, noisy, and full of too many people to really enjoy the journey – or the view from the top. I'm not a big fan of hiking Diamond Head either, although the view from the top is pretty spectacular.

- Originally Posted by ILuvParis No, it's a loooooooonnnnng night. Posted by. Every vacation spot is crowded. I think the late R&B singer Aaliyah is overrated. By David Landsel, Contributor. Careful with Atlantis Submarines as well -- some here have reported it to be a waste of time and money. French Polynesia. I understand a lot of people like her and I will probably get slaughtered for saying that she is overrated but I think she really is/was.

share. But the tickets are cheap, and it is enjoyable for an hour or two. Having the weather be like summer all year and be exactly the same would get boring even for this Southern CA resident. Hawaii is beautiful, magical, sensual, and so much more. I personally feel Waikiki in general is overrated, but it is a must see if you haven't been. 10 Terribly Overrated Destinations (And Where To Travel Instead) And where you should go instead.

Its fantastic if you are local I'm absolutely sure (except for the cost differential thing) since you are 15 mins away from so many fantastic environments and you have a ton of great daytrips but as a "let me fly somewhere" for a vacation kind of thing, its not even top 10 imo for tropical, beach, rainforest, etc. You're welcome. Its incredibly overrated as a vacation spot. Close. Agreed. After visits to 45 other countries (which I know isn't much compared to others on FT), and tropical islands and beaches around the world, I'm still thrilled with Hawaii. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. I do think she was beautiful and had a great fashion sense.

She was on the level of Ciara. Overrated/Underrated tourist spots in Oahu, Hawaii.


Archived. From what I have heard of Hawaii, I get the The best and worst of the most popular spots on Oahu Being a tourist in Oahu is a lot of fun, and it’s even more fun if you know what you’re doing.

I've lived near the beaches of Miami all my life and it doesn't do much for me. Honestly, we usually stay until intermission, drive back to our rented house, and watch the rest on TV (while dozing off). Hawaii - Is Hawaii Overrated as a destination? Archived. I'm debating whether its really that great of a destination for me .

Grounds at the Hotel Kaveka There are few places in the world more sensual than French Polynesia, with its intensely aquamarine seas and green coastline that strikes a verdant contrast to the endless blue sky.The exotic archipelago is home to dozens of islands, among them Tahiti and Bora Bora, and a bevy of beautiful sights: pink-, white- and black-sand beaches, … Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. We did go out a few times, but mostly stayed in to supervise some construction work.

Recently I attended a holiday party back on the mainland and ran into one of my old college friends. Seattle>Hawaii(Home)>Massachusetts(Uni) 7 months ago. But the tickets are cheap, and it is enjoyable for an hour or two. Why?

Hawaii's climate is overrated for sure. Don't get me wrong, I do like some of her songs, but she had an average voice. Questions about … Hawaii - Is Hawaii Overrated as a destination? The man was an incompetent narcissist who kept getting lionized by the press (whom he played like a violin) despite repeated failures.