"small-souled bugman" implies that the person has been cut off from their cultural roots, and totally subsumed into consumerist neoliberal hive. Chances are he owns other throwaway smart gadgets as well. Named in honour of legendary brew-master, Josef Bugman, Bugman’s Bar offers filling meals, coffee and cake, and refreshing beers.

A bugman is your typical big left leaning city dweller.

It’s far more likely that a person who separates themselves from society, attaches identity to ‘nerd-things’, and un-ironically uses the term “normie”, is more likely to be a bugman.

One, the city bugman lives atop, beneath and besides his fellow bugs in what is an actual human-scale bug colony, hence the name.

if they do engage in activities that are somewhat human, they still are heavily tinged by global capitalism.

Admittedly though, I am a “millennial” living in the west, so an additional “bugman” point here adds up to a total of two. Bugmanunknown. they are totally lack any sort of sympathy for their ancestors folkways, higher spirituality, or passion.

The term ‘Bugman’, refers to an individual who is obsessed with consumerism, anyone including; ‘nerds’ are prone to adopting the ‘Bugman’ mentality. Bugman Lyrics: Bugman, bugman / I am an ex offender / They let me out in the summer / I think I was in a coma / I didn't know what to do / Oh no / You go hang around, go 'round / I'll watch

Whether seeking a place to relax after battling it out in the gaming hall or just swapping tales of heroism, Bugman’s is perfect for gamers, shoppers and sightseers, and for friends and family who need a cozy place to wait as you engage in the eternal fires of war.

He is usually obsessed with consumerism, lining up to purchase the newest iPhone or MacBook when it comes out, and using a smartwatch /smart home speaker for longer than the week after he bought it.

“The bugman now occupies one of two living situations.

am i a bugman