(I'll start the polling again in October, so stay tuned.) You can buy online, or call us in Toronto (647-799-2032), Calgary (403-800-1582), Vancouver (604-259-2544) or toll-free from North America (1-888-888-0510). We act on your behalf, not the travel insurance company's. The best cheap travel insurance isn’t just cheap. BestQuote carries the widest selection of policies available online so that we have different options to use with our I travel south 2 or 3 times a year so $70 a year is much better than the over $100 I use to pay for every trip. We have a wider group of policies than any other 'travel insurance specialist' in Canada, and that means lower prices and better coverage. One of Canada’s best known credit card companies, American Express also offers stand alone travel insurance policies. The Best Cheap Travel Insurance.

We found the four companies that meet all of these benchmarks — and offer competitive prices to boot. The Best Travel Insurance Companies. The best travel insurance companies give you the freedom to enjoy your journey without getting bogged down in the complexities of travel, offering primary medical coverage, generous limits, few exclusions, and top-notch customer service. The best travel insurance companies. Here are last year's winners.

Travel Insurance Reviews for Canadian TravellersReviewing your travel insurance purchase with a specialist agency like BestQuote can mean the difference between having solid coverage, or none at all. At Canadian Travel Insurance Review, we provide informative reviews of Canada travel insurance companies and write posts to help you sort through all the fine print.. As frequent Canadian travellers, we understand the frustration of wading through countless online insurance sites trying to … If you’re hurt while travelling, the medical coverage is higher than that of most other companies, with payouts of up to $2 million in medical evacuation and repatriation costs. It also has to have strong financial backing, responsive customer service, and well-rounded coverage that will truly protect you while you’re abroad. As a whole, plans cost less than average and provide coverage to give you peace of mind.

A relative newcomer on the Canadian travel insurance scene, they offer affordable rates and insurance for almost everyone, from students to seniors, backpackers and visitors to Canada included. April International . Generali (formerly CSA Travel Protection) is one of the best travel insurance companies. I pay an extra about $70 a year on my mastercard for travel insurance and it covers me and any other people I have paid for with this credit card. Every year, I survey my readers on the best travel insurance companies.

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