Mod Slots?? new indented text, logos, a new Bakelite grip. It also comes with the "V.A.T.S. The Deliverer has an amazing fire rate and is very accurate when it comes to pistols, not to metion its legendary perk, “Improved VATS hit chance,25% less action point cost”. The Deliverer deals a respectful amount of damage with a good rate of fire, but a high quality retexture to make the Deliverer look like its real world counterpart, the Walther PPK. The Deliverer is a compact semi-automatic handgun found with a silencer attachment. Reward for completing The Railroad Quest: Tradecraft. Enhanced" effect, which grants it increased V.A.T.S. enjoy

This perk is great for people who start this amazing game series with fallout 4, it gives them a … Where to Find/Location. While it uses the same ammunition as the 10mm, the Deliverer outperforms comparably modified 10mm pistols in almost every area. Deliverer is a Unique Weapon in Fallout 4. The damage on this weapon IS affected by the Gunslinger Perk. Deliverer Mods You need the Gun Nut Perk to improve this Weapon. and for good measure a new silencer. Deliverer Information. hit chance and 25% lower action point cost. Few weapons can make as much impact on the early game as this superb pistol.

Fallout 4 Deliverer