Magnum Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars Reviews | 4.8 out of 5 | Join Home Tester Club for free product tests and 1,000s of product reviews. Place in the freezer to set for an hour Spoon 2 tbsp of peanut butter on top of each ice-cream and place back in the freezer for 5 hours or until set enough to remove from the moulds. This protein shake mix is a protein isolate with 4 high-quality isolates, including whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, micellar casein isolate, and egg protein isolate. ... Luscious chocolate ice cream dipped in a chocolatey coating and a layer of rich chocolate sauce, wrapped in cracking Magnum chocolate. Supplement your diet and exercise routine with Fruity Hoops Magnum Quattro from Magnum Nutraceuticals. Go to section. Magnum Double Peanut Butter.

When I found a magnum shaped ice cream mould online, I knew one of my first creations had to be a peanut butter magnum. The Magnum Doubles range can be found in all major retailers from March 2016 onwards and purchased as either a single or multipack, and available also in Mini size.

Magnum Quattro™ is a 4 isolate, time-released, smooth digesting protein.

Explore All Double Chocolate Products. Walls Magnum Mini, Double Peanut Butter (60ml each) 9 Walls Magnum Infinity, Chocolate & Caramel (100ml each) 13½ Peanut butter ice cream dipped in a chocolatey coating, peanut buttery sauce and milk chocolate. DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER. Bursting on the scene, Magnum Double Peanut Butter is the perfect taste combination of sweet and salty for a rich flavour experience. Per 100g Per 100ml Amount Per Portion Percentage Per Portion Calories - 300 - Fat 20g 31% - Total Fat - - 20g 31% Saturated Fat 0 12g 61% Polyunsaturated Fat

What a timing. Coincidentally, the ‘real’ magnum company figured it was time to come out with a peanut butter chocolate version as well. WHAT IS MAGNUM QUATTRO™? THE DOUBLES Go to section. Place an ice-cream stick into each mould and pour the ice-cream into the moulds, leaving space at the top of each one to add the layer of peanut butter. With no lactose and a combination of 4 high-quality isolates, essential fats like flaxseed, Magnum Quattro™ is the great-tasting protein you have been waiting for!

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