#7 Maruyama Park (Kyoto) Maruyama Park is a popular hanami (flower viewing) spot during the cherry blossom season. Best Time to Visit Japan for the Cherry Blossom Experience Updated: January 14, 2020 The best time to visit Japan for cherry blossom season is between March and April, which encompasses the densest timeframe for blooming cherry blossoms across the country. There are about 34 cherry blossom viewing spots in Osaka. Celebrate the arrival of spring Japanese style by paying hommage to the famous cherry blossoms in Japan. You’ll be immersed in the most popular season while enjoying all the modern delights and traditional treasures Japan offers. This year, the sakura season was badly impacted by Covid-19. Tours including Kiyomizu Temple.

Osaka Castle Park, Expo 70 Commemorative Park, Osaka Mint Bureau in the city are listed as top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. Fuji (and Cherry blossom??). Whether you’re interested in Japanese cherry blossom tours, festival tours, autumn leaves tours or special interest tours, our Japan tour packages will bring your vacation dreams to reality. Enjoy a Cherry Blossom Tour while Sakura bloom in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Southern Japan. Japan Tours. Here to help you prepare for the ultimate Japan vacation without breaking the bank, Japan Deluxe Tours is pleased to announce our newest line of 2020 Anime Japan Tours and Cherry Blossom Vacations are now updated with Massive discounts and savings!

It is a public park that centers around a 70 year old weeping cherry blossom tree (shidarezakura). Once a year and for only about seven days these gifts of nature bloom with such ferocity they are something to behold.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms or Sakura as they are known in Japan are beyond magnificent. The ancient capital of Japan becomes even more extraordinary during cherry blossom season, as the pink and white flowers frame the city's thousands of shrines, temples and traditional machiya houses. Japanese Cherry Blossom Festivals. 9 Cherry Blossom/Sakura holiday packages with 7 reviews View Map.

Personally, with the nation emerging from the coldest months and the trees beginning to bud once more, I always find spring is the best time to be in Japan. Renting a kimono and taking snapshots under the sakura is quite popular, so there will be lots of photo ops as you explore. This is the ideal tour if you’re new to Japan. We've got 9 tours going to Cherry Blossom/Sakura, starting from just 6 days in length, and the longest tour is 27 days.

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