1 month ago Is there anyways I can get my refund from hotel?
Many holidaymakers booking package tours and rental accommodation - both abroad and in the UK - have encountered problems getting refunds.

Refund for a closed hotel Save If you tour operator is forced to move you to a new hotel, you may not be entitled to a refund . Whereas most flights are nonrefundable, and under normal circumstances they can only be changed after paying a fee (upwards of $200), hotels typically allow guests to cancel room reservations and get a full refund, provided the change is made in advance (generally 24 or 48 hours before check-in).
The common law right to rent a room still exists today although claims are less common because of the proliferation of federal, state and … Reasonableness depends upon the individual circumstances, but in the context of a hotel, it would be reasonable to refuse to rent a room to a guest who is engaging in bad behavior or illicit activities or whose admission would somehow interfere with the operation of the hotel. The hotel might wish that all it has to do is refund any money received, but if you now incur other costs, then as long as the confirmation terms and conditions don’t include a provision allowing the hotel to cancel, you can fairly seek to recover your extra costs from the hotel. Gill Charlton, Destination expert 20 July 2012 • 12:00am.

You can think of it as an IOU for a cash refund – one that, if you wish, you can spend on an alternative holiday rather than waiting for the due date to get your money back. Can I get a refund for my flights or package holiday?

Jose had approached her online agency and every airline in her itinerary. Finally, make sure you’re dealing with the right company. Contradictory to what I read on official channels, I wasn't allowed into the country simply due to my passport. Share 0 0 20 comments B BHTrevor United States of America -1 month ago Similar situation here. Hotel refuse to give refund.

Due to the virus going on I couldn't make it to my trip in April to Thailand Bangkok . I can’t guarantee this – I’ve advocated many cases where a company promised a refund in writing – but it can help.

can a hotel refuse a refund