We work with local labs in the state of Colorado for product testing. CBDTest.co.uk is the country’s premier CBD testing facility. Please contact us to learn more about how we can affiliate with your laboratory. We have a complete in-house laboratory where our chemists perform research and develop formulations to meet your desired specifications. We're taking that order seriously and encourage you to as well. To protect ourselves, our customers and our community we're asking folks …

We possess state of the art analytical instrumentation, of which you’d find within a pharmaceutical laboratory. Mile High Labs offers CBD products formulated, produced and packaged in-house, including CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD softgels and CBD topicals.

Our … MCS is an independent testing laboratory that is equipped to perform reliable analysis of marijuana potency and contaminants. Test results report the percentages of both Delta9 THC and THCa, as well as CBD and CBDa and so on. Clients can work directly with our research and development team to create exclusive formulations and products. We test every CBD product we create and proudly provide the lab results to our customers, so you know exactly what you’re getting. We're still testing samples on a limited basis but are severely limiting in-person contact. Analytical Lab A side from sending our products to ISO certified third-party labs, Kazmira has in-house HPLCs that allow us to look inside our product and perform comprehensive analyses. Learn More Leaders in CBD Compliance and Quality Mile High Labs doesn’t just meet the standards for CBD—we set them. It’s this dedication and close attention to the process from beginning to end that has allowed the Colorado CBD Company to thrive. TEQ Analytical Laboratories operates out of a new 5,200 square foot facility located at Fitzsimons Bioscience Park Center on the Anschutz Medical Campus. All of our products are made with pure CBD isolate and hemp oil – derived from our hemp farm in Southern Colorado.

Customers are quick to notice the difference between our company and competitors with our unparalleled customer service, exceptional lab testing, one-of-a-kind extraction process, and strict adherence to legal standards.

When Colorado hemp growers test their own hemp, they are required to use these MED certified labs for their hemp analysis. The Good Lab's Protocols in Response to COVID-19 coronavirus As you may or may not know, Governor Polis has issued a stay-at-home order for the state of Colorado. TEQ is recognized as an industry leader in cannabis potency, microbiological, and contaminant testing.

We can offer accuracy and precision to a high standard, so that you can be assured the potency of your CBD … It is qualified to partner with Colorado laboratories to ensure cannabis testing complies with Colorado marijuana regulations.

The problem is, the Colorado Department of Agriculture tests our crops with a machine that uses a ‘hot’ process.