Ramped style front blade at.830” from bottom of radius to top of interchangeable blade. Clamp-A-Rib easily attaches to your non-ribbed barrel by tightening two clamps. Available in three sizes, red or green. serves the purpose, as others reported the bolt setup that tightens it to barrel is crap.

installing the sight will probably spread it open causing the bolt to strip the side where it threads into. The Glo•Dot II simply snaps in place over your existing front bead-sight for perfect alignment to provide you with a bright, easy-to-see aiming dot. TruGlo Home Defense Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight - Duration: 4:40. Clamp on sight.

This is a barrel Band “Clamp-On” locking-ring style and uses a clamping band to hold to barrel.

TRUGLO Gobble Dot Universal Shotgun Vent Rib Fiber Optic Sight Red TRUGLO Gobble Dot Universal Shotgun Vent Rib Fiber... Our Low Price $24.94 Showing 24 of 29 Items

LPA SG3 front Ramped Shotgun sight with interchangeable blade system, this one supplied with the White dot sight blade.
Light gathering, fiber optic shotgun sights for plain barrels. There is inexpensive solution for plain barrel of 12 or 20 gauge barrels.

If you like to shoot, work on guns as a business or hobby, or just own a gun, this is the place for you! shotgun barrels come in different chokes and metal thickness leading to different outside measurements. MDPrepper 73,210 views so no two barrels will be exactly the same size. All CNC machined from steel bar-stock. The result: Your gun will now sport a lightweight, Olympic-style, adjustable, ventilated rib. Designed for plain barrel shotguns.
It stays in place under recoil and makes aiming much easier even in cloudy weather.

You can get light gathering sight which snaps in place behind factory front bead.

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clamp on shotgun sight