This is a release of a Cyberdemon, or as they are refered to ingame, Tyrants, from Doom Eternal. Move away when he raises its arms and pulls backwards. Uploaded 3 months ago.
Read this DOOM Eternal guide to learn more about how to beat Cyberdemon (Tyrant)! The showcase platform for poster artists worldwide. F Follow. L Love. Comments (0) Cancel reply. Doom Eternal – Cyberdemon tribute poster. You must be logged in to post a comment. The cyberdemon returns in the 2016 Doom.

Tries to chop Doom Slayer's location with his cleaver by hitting the ground.

The Tyrant is a high-level enemy in Doom Eternal, based on the classic Cyberdemon.

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0 . Doom Eternal – Cyberdemon . 0 . Category Video Games. Shortcuts < Previous > Next. C Collect. It was the first monster to be revealed by id Software in publisher Bethesda's E3 2014 showcase, in the form of a one minute video of the monster powering up for battle while shrouded in smoke and shadows. Find out the Tyrant's weakness, gameplay tips, how to beat, and more! The port features materials work, aiming to bring it closer to ingame appearance, and an optional non-glowing eyes. Codex Description: Demon Lords to the black soul pits of Babel, the Tyrants have long served as wardens and slavers of the infernal pits. Additionally, the model makes full use of the gore/damage system.

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