Despite these problems these riflescopes are widely acclaimed for their unmatched precision, particularly for the distinct applications they may have been designed for. (Vortex … And you can't use the front sight to aim with the rear painted notch on the Vortex if the red dot is not working. The Burris Fastfire 3 and the Vortex venom run on identical batteries, a CR1632. The Venom venom RED Dot is simple to use, to get a clear sight. so i have the vortex mounted on my scorpion, and at 25 yds it is still hitting about 1-2" under the dot with the elevation dial maxed out. I have a 3.8 .40cal XDM, i bought the dovetail mount from springer precision & a Vortex Venom red dot.

They sent me a replacement. Except it wasn't a dot. or is there a fix anyone here has tried? Some of Vortex's stuff is made in Japan, as well as China and the Phillapines. It was a bright thin line. The 3 MOA or 6 MOA dot option presents you can decide the model to best suits with your eye. Nope, I've got a G41 MOS with standard sights. Posted August 9, 2017 in Best Gear, Daily News, Optics, Other Gear & Gadgets by Andrew with 32 Comments. Issue zeroing with Vortex Venom?? Vortex Venom Mini Red Dot Considered to be one of the best red dot sights on the market, the Vortex Venom offer great features that make it worthy of the title. 115MOA for FF3 and 130MOA for Venom. Vortex has a status for high-quality manufacturing and reliable optics. It is a tiny reflex sight that comes in either 6 or 3 MOA dot reticles. For me, the trade off is worth it for now. Problem was the replacement was a refurbished unit. This is a discussion on Mark IV Lite and Vorex Venom mounting problem within the Ruger Rimfires forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Fixed!! Contacted Vortex and was told that it was pulled from a refurbish warehouse. Venom Red Dot with a medium attack, an ideal solution combined with the use of guns. Vortex Venom Problems First Problem Presented: When I first turned on my sight, I found the dot.

I fixed the situation with Trij suppressed sights. My Venom is marked Phillapines on the bottom. is this something im just going to have to live with? However, the Venom provides you with 30,000 hours when set to the lowest setting and remember, there are 10 settings on the Venom when its set to 10 it lasts for 150 hours. I pisses me off that Glock sends you a gun made for an optic, but the sights are useless! Even though Vortex Venom is not SHTF grade where you depend your family and your life on, but could serve you well on range guns or hunting guns where stakes aren’t as high and budget is … Vortex Venom mini red dot sight. I sent the Venom back to Vortex. And like earlier mentioned Vortex riflescopes come with many innovative features and specs that significantly outweigh many a problem …

The problem i have is that i have maxed out my MOA and my gun is still shooting very low. It had gouges in the body and was well worn on the bottom side. Anyone have any suggestions how to fix this problem? This is where old technology always loses to new technology.

The solution is using a Viper base mount on the Venom sight. Mark IV Lite and Vorex Venom mounting problem. They sent a label and Venom number two was replaced with a "new" one. It surely delivers, with an auto brightness adjustment feature that works in either bright daytime or nighttime. I also put a Vortex Venom on it and you can't see the sights through the optic. Vortex Venom is an entry-mid mini red dot sight under $250 which can be used on both handguns and long guns. I put it all on and everything fit well & it all feels really solid. Vortex Venom Mini Red Dot Review. The Vortex Venom is a mini red dot in the style of the Burris Fastfire and Docter Optic. This is strange because Venom supposedly has more elevation adjustment than FF3, e.g. Last edited by Cocowheats; 03-22-2017 at 12:58 AM .

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