). What I need help on is where to go. Help on Gaia Origin Quest. His digimon is Ophanimon -In the quest Final Battle, you infiltrate DarkmoonCity and have to fight ChaosGallantmon Core -You will get GallantmonCrimsonMode san data after completing Gaia Origin Challenge -You can obtain DotAgumon, DotShineGreymon and Numemon scan datas ===== 2-Version History ===== 23/2/09 - Restarted Digimon Dusk to make this walkthrough.

24/2/09 - Added three … This is a list of all quests in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk, along with links to quest walkthroughs. I keep losing against the gaia origin if you have beat them please help me, Digimon World: Dawn Questions and answers, Nintendo DS So far, I have gotten to the sea place and went to a portal but went to the one where you go to the dragon place.
So far, my whole party has died on this level about 15 times already and I am very frustrated! I need help on finishing this quest! I, personally, think the Gaia Origin is way harder. The player then goes back to the lobby and meets up with Chief Glare and Ophanimon. In the middle of the conversation, Chief Julia and ChaosGallantmon come in, and Sayo herself comes in afterward.

Besides, all the Digimon in the Gaia Origin are Lv.90, while the lowest level in the Legend Tamer quest is 74, and the highest is 99(Which is actually pretty easy! While this quest you need to beat 11 digimon, but 6 are easy. It is very hard with soo many portals!