The A350 is able to carry around 20 more square meters of cargo.

Qantas ground crews look on as the new Qantas A380 flagship the 'Nancy-Bird Walton' the first commercial A380 aircraft to join the Qantas fleet arrives at Sydney Domestic Airport on September 21, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

Captain Jacob Kurien, Manager of Flight Safety and Assurance at Malaysia Airlines, told Simple Flying that the airline has the green light to put cargo on the main deck of its 737, A330, A350, and A380 aircraft.

Even in the longer 389, the cargo hold is not going to grow enough to surpass the 787-10. 88m 3. Airbus A380-800 . The Airbus 380-800 (HD) is capable of carrying approximately 8,000kgs of cargo in addition to a full passenger load. The Airbus A300-600ST (Super Transporter), or Beluga, is a version of the standard A300-600 wide-body airliner modified to carry aircraft parts and oversized cargo.
The Qantas A380 will feature seating for 450 passengers across four cabins and will commence commercial services from Melbourne to Los Angeles on October 20, and from … Malaysia Airlines has approval to put cargo in the main cabin of its A380s. For ramp 1) cargo hold step 2) rear cargo hold when connected with FMC the aircraft has a curved hole Appearing in the cargo which means you can fall Under the aircraft and fall on the ground ... which happened to me On the EK but only one of my legs Was hanging out under the aircraft Needed hospital treatment for a alleged Cracked tail bone . A greater loss would be the A380’s smaller cargo hold compared to the 777.

Previous Next. The two main noise concerns of manufacturers and operators are cabin noise and community noise. A forum for both professionals and knowledgeable amateurs. Detailed information, specs, cargo capacity, operating costs and features of the Airbus A380 800F cargo aircraft. You may view the complete model list of aircraft from the Airbus Industrie or check into the details of the legendary Airbus Beluga cargo aircraft. It received the official name of Super Transporter early on; however, the name Beluga, a whale it resembles, gained popularity and has since been officially adopted. Among them, the MRO provider revealed that an undisclosed customer contracted Lufthansa Technik for a new to convert the cabin of the A380 for cargo transportation. A 747F holds 710 m³ of freight and allows a maximum load weight of 448 t, while a freight model of the A380 would offer 1,134 m³ of space and a possible cargo weight of 575 t. An additional 60% capacity sounds impressive, measured in cubic meters, but by weight the Airbus can only lift 28% more. The upper deck is positioned a few inches too high to accommodate common containers. Cargo tonnage: 135,000 kgs / 1020 Cbm: Maximum permitted height: A1 , A2 , B1 , CLR to ELR 96" RL 113" FLR to SLR 118" X position 118" Lower deck 64"

The cargo hold will probably be quieter if the cabin is quieter, but there are multiple variables that can affect this. The Airbus 380-800 (HD) is capable of carrying approximately 8,000kgs of cargo in addition to a full passenger load.

The cargo holds in typical airliners are indeed pressurized. Boeing 777-300. This includes the cargo hold below.