However , we played with him just ones and after it i can not see that he is in the game but he can see that im in this game. [Ps4] Can't join friends but can join randoms. This thread is archived . The Following. Sort by. best.

We completed the initial challenges in the campaign and unlocked multiplayer.

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To join their games, you need to click a player's name and choose JOIN. Coop Issues With Joining Friends 0; Sign in to follow this . Dying Light The Following - Can't Join Multiplayer on PS4. I and my friend bought this game in Steam to play in Co-op mode. level 1. share. ". Here's how to invite friends in the game. But when I have my Party chat snapped I can see everyone's status go from "dying light" to "in your game", but there I am seating there looking at the main screen with nothing happening. Hello! Joining friends games from the game lobby still d/c. Close.

To join your friend's game: Press ESC during the game and you'll see a list of all online friends (bottom right corner). When I try to join someones game from the main screen of dying light nothing happens from party chat or invite through xbox.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Hello, I have a big problem with this game. Any fix? Discussion. Dying Light The Following - Can't Join Multiplayer on PS4.

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QUICK JOIN immediately finds you a random game to join. I've heard a lot of great things about Dying Light so my friend and I purchased The Following on PS4. FIND GAMES shows you all available games you can join. For Dying Light on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Y can't I join a players game? He can not connect to my game and i can not connect ot his game. 7 comments. If you're having trouble surviving the zombie hordes in Dying Light, bringing a friend along is the best way to help.

The Following.

We tried to re-instal this game, re-instal Steam and it did not help. As soon as i join game invites i get disconnected from the game and party chat. In that case, it may be issue with PS4 itself, don't take my words for solid answer though, I'm only on PC and I have no experience with PS4.