In Laos’ capital city Vientiane, for instance, it is not unusual to see buildings, roads, and streets with French names, while many stores still use French words and expressions on their banners. French is spoken by a significant minority in Laos. The French colonial in Laos. The first French language summer university programme in Laos started on Monday Jul 25 at the Dongdok campus of the National University of Laos. 1893 until its independence in 1953. Language in Laos Language is an important part of every society, also in Laos. French is used as a diplomatic and commercial language and is also studied by over a third of students in Laos. Migration and conflict have resulted in the present ethnic composition of Laos and to the geographical diffusion of its ethnic groups. Whatever type of French course and language school Laos in you are looking for, will help you find it—and at the lowest possible price! 3 min read. Laos has the second largest Francophone community in Southeast Asia, the others being found in Vietnam and Cambodia.

A bit more information about language in Laos on this page. Learning a bit of Lao will be appreciated by the locals and many people will be happy and might even laugh if a foreigner tries to speak their language. 86 languages have so far been documented in the country as used by its various ethnic groups. Browse over many French schools in many locations in Laos until you find the French course and school that is right for you. The French regime gained popularity and their language became the main dialect in learning institutions and government and began spreading to the southern parts of Laos after the origination of Paske. The French did not exercise their power in Laos unlike in Vietnam and it was in the 1900s when they introduced their language to schools. ... French language influence. It was, however, only restricted to Vientiane. French and English are identified as minority languages in Laos. Laos was a French colony from approx. The summer university is scheduled to last for one week and provides the opportunity for students from five neighboring countries to practice their French language skills while discovering the culture of their neighbours. Lao … Lao, also called Laotian, is the official as well as the dominant language in Laos.

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