There are special algorithms in the game which is capable of tracking any unusual activity. Click "Generate" Button. Here are the list of reasons responsible for account ban, You should avoid these reasons to keep your account safe.

For PUBG Mobile, there are two different ways to appeal your ban, via e-mail and/or their website support form, or through the in … So, if you have PUBG addiction then delete the account with the following ways… If you are using a Google Play account, (delink the PUBGM account from Google) Open your mobile device, Go to Settings. PUBG Mobile has become a great source of entertainment for many people across the globe.In the game, players can connect with a … For millions of playing logging everyday to play PUBG mobile doing what they could so they could be the best at the game, some players will do whatever it takes up to cheating and getting shortcuts to remove the ban on pubg mobile if they ever got one, and may go far in the game without getting caught so other people will try to do the same and that’s when you’ll get banned from the game.

Enter your Pubg Mobile Account. I am not sure about the details, but one thing is that he could have created another account and bought the game there. Can I get my ban lifted earlier? We do not unban any accounts that have violated the terms and services for the above reasons. A ban is a ban, and should not be able to be circumvented so easily.

PUBG accounts cannot be hacked but if someone hacks your Twitter or Facebook account, which are the ways to connect to the game, then you have to recover those accounts. The only way of getting unbanned from PUBG Mobile, as with any other game for that matter, is by submitting a ban appeal regarding your banned account. If he was able to play during this temp ban period, what good was the temp ban in the first place? I bought PUBG 2 months ago. During this time, i played a lot, and sometimes i met hackers, cheaters.I hired a PUBG account, for those who wants to know, there are some PUBG Service Providers in my country (VietNam), they make a store for others player who doesn't has money to … There are special algorithms in the game which is capable of tracking any unusual activity. Many peoples complaining that their pubg account got banned for no reasons. for other games and not for PUBG is still a violation of the game’s services We do not provide exact details / reasons for the ban due to security reasons. To verify you need to proove that you are a Human and not a bot. You can't able to unban your PUBG account if your account is been banned by tencent…. Verify your account.