this lead them to be infused with extra ordinary ,velour invincibility, adding to their fame and popularity far and wide, causing and spreading almost whole over the world. Parad Shivling According to ancient shrutis, Parad used to considered as the sperm of Lord Shiva. Note: Rudraksha is an auspicious product & we believe one should energize the same before using it for the 1st time to gain maximum benefits. Mercury is the only metal, which is found in liquid from, Herbs are used to solidify the mercury .

Parad is pure stone which reflect negative energies into positive. It is considered very rare divine pure and valuable. It is believed that even by touching the energized Parad Shivling, one's sins are removed. Shop All Astrological Parad Mercury products Like Parad Shivling, Parad God and Goddess Idols, Parad Shri Yantras and more at India's Best Astrology Remedies Store.

This whole science of solidifying and energizing mercury is called Rasa Vaidya. Shivling has spiritual power said in our Vedas. Parad is the combination of Mercury and Herbs.

The name Siddh Parad Pindi Shivling is … Product Name: Parad Pindi Shivling Idol, Colour: Silver, Effect: 100% Authentic, Quality Effects: Energize by Scholar Pundits, Finish: Polished, Usage/Application: Puja method provided To you with yantra or idol, Brand: AstrologyRemedies, Packaging Type: Box About Siddh Parad Pindi Shivling. That is the safety. As a true commercial organization we have been serving a niche in the market of serving sacred products. It is the most auspicious metal used for worship of God. The energizing procedure is very simple & one need not depend or trust anyone blindly to perform this act. It is recommended by our saga's to adore and worship parad Shivling,.

Parad Shivling balances & harmonise the aura around us and remove the negative energy. Product Information For Siddh Parad Pindi Shivling Idol. Shivling is made for the benefit of people of the world for peace and wealth. It is a subjective science, because if you have to change one thing into something else, you need some kind of addition, subtraction, change in temperature – you have to do something, otherwise it cannot happen. The punya or the good fruits which one gets after donating thousands of cows or lacs of gold coins is nothing in front of just having a sight of parad shivalinga . We at Srie Connections are a one stop smart spiritual shop, committed to provide complete customer satisfaction by providing them excellent quality Spiritual Pooja Products meeting and exceeding the customer needs and requirements of continually improving the same with a spiritual touch. Energized Parad Shivling work same as shivlinga.