I won't do it anymore.

In this PUBG Mobile test video, I wanted to see how quickly you can get your account banned in PUBG Mobile. The first person who used inappropriate language didn't get banned Hello guys and welcome back to another article about another topic in your favourite game made by “tencent , PUBG Mobile, today we are going to talk about, getting banned, what may get you banned, and how to avoid getting banned, “Tencent” has a very … With that being said, if you ever work in tandem in a match with other players, you will receive bans. How To Get Banned Or Hacked Account Back In PUBG MOBILE | Mr IG | ... [New Trick] How to Get Free Bc in Pubg Mobile Lite | Pubg Mobile Lite Free Unlimited Bc 2020 - Duration: 7:15.

The followings are the ways you can get banned in PUBG Mobile: Teaming Up With Others From Different Teams. Using a modded apk and not the original licensed apk. If a player makes lots of purchases does it exclude them from being banned? 1. Using Third Party apps for modifying any aspect of the game. What do I do? Can I get my ban lifted earlier? Temporary ban like 2-3 days are lifted automatically, keep calm and wait. Here are some ways to unban your pubg account. Even though I didn't use any inappropriate behavior, will I get banned if I get reported? or you think your pubg mobile banned for no reason. I'm getting a message for being banned. 2. I used mouse and keyboard in this test with PUBG Mobile to see if … The competitive spirit is really appreciated in PUBG Mobile.

Including but not limited to, gfx tools, mods for UC, skins, BP, or gameplay mods. If you don’t have any idea of why your account get banned.