He texts: Heyyyyyy! People usually respond well to mimicking, so they will most probably nod back while you talk. 6.
Want to see if someone is paying attention to what you are saying? Every time I wake up to a late night drunk text I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to respond or not. Sometimes no response is the best response. Do not forget to say it well and not patronize. When is drunk texting a deal breaker? “Attention!” “Put … Not everyone likes advised but … If this doesn’t stop him–some guys can be slow on the uptake–then make it a point not to respond to him for a few days after he drunk texts. I should probably employ someone with a megaphone to follow me from bar to bar and shout at me every time my hands start to wander from my beer to my phone. In the cold light of morning he’ll usually get that message loud and clear. Alcohol and texting not a great combo. Alcohol relaxes you (at the beginning, meaning after a small number of drinks..) to the extent that you would feel comfortable saying and/or doing things that you … If the other person pays attention, they will most likely emulate your action. And so, this week, we went deep into drunk texts to figure out when you respond, when you ignore, how to respond if you do, and what to do if you're the one who sent one. 7. A lot of the time this can be enough to curb the behaviour. MORE: Why Guys Text Out of the Blue.

If he persists, just ignore him. Fold your arms. Give yourself credit for doing the right thing. It’s all for the purpose of not liking to send you drunk messages again. Give your advice to him to stop drinking also include your attention to him as a friend. Wasssup hottie? When liquor is involved, all restraint goes out the window, which is why the drunk text is probably the most common text from an ex you will recieve. Text Messages from a Guy (and What to Reply) ... deciphers them, and then offers you a great response. How to respond to a drunk text from an ex lover? If you want to get a positive response from someone, nod while you talk. 8. The Drunk Text.