Click on the menu button or settings button or whatever button you use to see the settings. Speed dial location 1 is reserved for voicemail and cannot be changed. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Phone . In addition, this is still viable, although some have reported problems using it. I use initials. When you’re done adding numbers, press either the Back or Home icon to exit the speed dial screen. If you’re at the dial pad and go to menu, you’ll see \speed dial\. 4. Stock settings allow for 100 speed dials.

Long-press a number on the dialpad. 5. Touch More options . Using speed dial is simple. Touch Speed dial. Go to the phone dial pad. Do this. One method for how to speed dial an Android phone is to set up your Google Voice number in Contacts, insert a pause by using the letter “p” or comma, and then fill in the number that you want on speed dial. You can assign up to 99 speed dial locations on your device.

Another, perhaps simpler approach is listed below. 2. Click it.

Choose a contact to speed-dial. Summon the Phone app and display the dialpad. Select a contact from your contacts list.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to add more speed dial contacts.

Set Up Speed Dial 1. Touch one of the available speed dial locations in the list. Example: Bob Smith is speed dial 27. 3.

how to setup speed dial on android