Hearing voices can be a sign of a disorder, such as depression, dissociative disorder, or bipolar disorder.

PET scans have shown that auditory hallucinations activate brain areas that regulate hearing and speaking, 4 suggesting that people talk or think to themselves while hearing voices. 27-28. Cynthia Row. Briefly explain the neurology behind the voices. Hearing voices or auditory hallucinations can be a common symptom of a mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or psychosis. 5. When patients ask why they hear strange voices, explain that many voices are buried inside our memory. The available treatment options for psychotic episodes are very effective, but it's critical for someone to receive an accurate diagnosis because the cause of psychosis can vary widely. May I ask you how old you are, when did you first start hearing voices? Only then can clinicians determine the best combination of treatment for hearing voices in your head. Weird voices can also pop up after you've experienced a traumatic event. From deep within a schizophrenic patient's head, they relentlessly repeat their awful messages, which … Advice for Consumers and Those who Want to Help. The voices sound real, and they won't go away. Not everyone who hears voices is unwell and there are many different ways to hope with this symptom. ... medications but I will list some resources below for your reference that may give you behavioral modification methods without medications. How do you stop hearing voices without medication? Find our more about diagnosis, treatment and support. Reprinted from "Self-Management" issue of Visions Journal, 2003, 1 (18), pp. ... Jesus is not going to do anything for you. Hearing voices in your head is pretty common, but if you feel like the voices are out of your control or they’re making you upset, talk to your doctor about it. Hearing voices that are not real can be a distressing experience, both for the person that hears voices and for those who want to help. Smart News Keeping you current How to Live With Hallucinatory “Voices” Without Drugs A European-centered movement is trying to change the perception that hearing voices is bad