Numbness: One scenario that causes people to feel depressed without feeling sad is when depression causes them to feel primarily numb. You owe it to yourself! Sometimes we think we need to be making progress and moving forward, that we need to be a shining ray of light all the time. It’s okay to be right where you are. The truth is the person you love the most is the one you think of when you hear sad songs.

For instance, women are more likely to be depressed compared … Joined Feb 28, 2018 Messages 225 Location USA. Feel so sad when boyfriend leaves! Never should you take anyone for granted, no one at all or it will be you that is truly lost. This can help if: you feel sad all the time you want some help to stop feeling low you want to know why people get sad. Why am I sad all the time? I feel like no one cares. 1 M. Mary26 Well-known member. If you’re tearful or crying a lot, or just feeling down, this article can help you figure out why and what steps you can take. Depression can affect anyone, but a depressive disorder may be more common for certain types of people. This might be my problem at times since I have a tendency to let my mind wander. Learning to value your privacy and solitude will pay dividends in your relationship and your emotional/mental health. How sad is too sad? One way to combat this is to have purpose in your thoughts, whether you are planning for the future, or keeping your mind occupied with a current task (such as reading, work, or play). They don’t feel sad… It is only because of love that I would feel lost without you, but that is the real reason why. I think you need to learn to love spending time with yourself more so you won't feel as sad when he leaves. In the United States, roughly 14.8 million Americans, or 6.7% of the population, is depressed at any given time. Listen Ever felt sad or stressed for no apparent reason? Without a purpose or focus, or just a way of being present in the moment, you can feel sad without knowing why. I feel alone.” 3. Feb … However, if you feel down or sad for extended periods of time, or seemingly without reason, you may be depressed. I feel like the assumption is by this point that of course you will have lost it. I’ve talked with so many people whose lives look amazing on Facebook and Instagram who tell me, “I feel sad. But for me you were worth everything that I have and so much more, sad that you doubted me.

i feel sad without you