If it's next to you [Post-Chorus: Bazzi] No, no-no-no-no. Renee's Song Lyrics: There's a song I like to sing / It says your name, I love the ring / So come here / So come here / I may be broken by my past / But I know my worst days, they won't last / If you

00:06 0 Komentar 21:55 [Chorus: Bazzi] Don't trip, I got you. Artist: Bazzi Song: I Got You Album: I Got You – Single Year: 2020. I Got You: Übersetzung und Songtexte - Bazzi.

No, no-no-no-no No, no-no.
I fuck with that Wait, hold up. Lyrics Bazzi - I Got You. zu I Got You von Bazzi - I Got You Lyrics Bazzi - I Got You Text Bazzi - I Got You Liedtext

You're number one, and I'm cool with two. Englisch Italienisch Spanisch Französisch Deutsch Portugiesisch Russisch Niederländer Schwedisch Norwegisch Dänisch.

Bazzi Lyrics "Young & Alive" Ridin' my bike like I'm too young to drive Careless and free like it's 2005 Had to chill the fuck out, take a trip outside To have fun with my friends like I'm young and alive So can I get your AOL? Lyrics: So don’t trip, I got you I put ice on your wrist ’cause I want to, yeah You’re number one, and I’m cool with two If it’s next to you.
Sober Lyrics: I don't smoke cigarettes / But I know you like to / So I face an entire pack / Just to be there with you / And I never fall for girls / But you got me tripping / Running your hand Read or print original I Got You lyrics 2020 updated! Die Übersetzung von I Got You - Bazzi zu Deutsch und die Originaltexte des Liedes .

No, no-no [Interlude] I fuck with that. Unten finden Sie Lyrics, Musikvideo und Übersetzung von I Got You - Bazzi in verschiedenen Sprachen. I put ice on your wrist 'cause I want to, yeah.

Got these bitches hot-hot. If it's next to you, yeah [Post-Chorus] No, no-no-no-no No, no-no (Yeah, yeah) (Yeah, yeah) [Outro] This the type of shit you gotta let— Haha, we gotta let that shit rock out, haha Ooh, yeah-ooh, woah Ahh, I'm just playin' Bazzi - I Got You Songtext. Wait, hold up [Verse 1: Bazzi] Dance like it's hopscotch. "Young & Alive" lyrics.

[Chorus] / Don't trip, I got you / I put ice on your wrist 'cause I want to, yeah