The Airbus seats 6 passengers and each passenger has a great 180°view as the back row is elevated to see above the front seats. Blue Hawaiian’s fleet is made up of the best touring helicopters in the industry. Grand Canyon Helicopter's EcoStar EC130 fleet: Safe, Modern & Quiet. The helicopter can seat six passengers and has a range of 640km and cruise speed of 235km/h. Maverick Aviation Group has the largest, youngest fleet of ECO-Star helicopters in the world.

Wraparound windows for superior visibility; 7 individual front-facing seats with raised “theater-style” seating for back row passengers; Surround sound; Powerful fuel-efficient engine for a fast flight, enabling you to spend more time at your tour destination ; Tail Section. Forward facing seats. If you want the wow factor on your arrival then look no further than our EC130, one of the most impressive helicopters in the UK. In fact, it was specifically designed for touring companies, based upon inspiration from a modified A-Star.

ECO-Star Helicopter Seating & Windows. While drastically limiting flight noise over the Grand Canyon, the ECO-Star also surrounds you in luxurious comfort and offers breathtaking views thanks to its large, wraparound windows.

Featuring state-of-the-art Eco-Star helicopters—the first touring helicopter of the 21st century—all Blue Hawaiian aircraft incorporate the latest in cutting-edge technologies, materials, systems, safety features, and avionics, and offer incomparable passenger comfort and sweeping views. Equipped with a "fenestron" tail rotor system and the latest in quiet aircraft technology, we strive to promote a peaceful environment.

Up to 6 Passengers. Eurocopter Ec130 Helicopter. Our EC130s are the most advanced tour helicopter available.

Cost effective helicopter. It is the quietest helicopter on the market: its Fenestron® tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control result in a significantly reduced external sound level. It’s lighter than its predecessor, with greater cabin space (a little over 20% larger) and a…

The EC130 T2 is a light single-engine helicopter including all the latest technology and a roomy modular cabin that can accommodate 1 pilot plus up to 7 passengers.. VIP single engine helicopter. The improved operational performance, increased versatility and flexibility shine through in the new model. The Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine benefits from a lower specific fuel consumption and increased power. Superior Comfort and Safety. The Eco-Star helicopter, also known as the Eurocopter/Airbus EC130, is a newer option on the commercial helicopter market.