An organizational structure is defined as “a system used to define a hierarchy within an organization. Organisational policies and procedures. For example, a … Management information system is a set of systems which helps management at different levels to take better decisions by providing the necessary information to managers. A human resource information system (HRIS) supports the human resources function of an organization with information.

Chapter 1: Introduction Introduction.
Therefore, organizational function helps in achievement of results which in fact is important for the functioning of a concern. The most common type is the hierarchical, top-down organizational chart that shows people by their functional position. Organizational Function: Operations 1. Communication also plays a crucial role in altering individual’s attitudes , i.e., a well informed individual will have better attitude than a less-informed individual. It identifies each job, its function and where it reports to within the organization.” A structure is then developed to establish how the organization operates to execute its goals. 12.5 Human Resource Information Systems.

Now that you understand the functions of communication, it is time to learn about the processes of communication.

A policy is a course of action or guidelines to be followed whereas a procedure is the ‘nitty gritty’ of the policy, outlining what has to be done to implement the policy. Communication is a source of information to the organizational members for decision-making process as it helps identifying and assessing alternative course of actions. OPERATIONS• (pl) the agency of an organization charged with carrying on the principal planning and operating functions of a headquarters and its subordinate units . There are a few different types of organizational charts. Firstly, let’s define policy and procedures. There are many types of organizational structures. Information communication aids leaders and employees in decision making. The name of this function reflects the recognition that people who work in a firm are frequently its most valuable resources. According to Chester Barnard , “Organizing is a function by which the concern is able to define the role positions, the jobs related and … The organizational functions in the current era have undergone immense changes, and ways of conducting their operational activities for product and service delivery has also changed a lot.

Leaders make large and small decisions every day and they have to transmit the information to the employees in order to maintain performance. ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTION: OPERATIONSBy: Maritess Araña-Pagunuran & Noreen M. Morales 2.