Is mixing milk and vinegar a physical or chemical change?
It is a chemical change if it is vinegar, but not if it is water, because there is no reaction. If milk and vinegar is mixed ... its a chemical change because you cannot reverse the process and just have milk and vinegar separate . If milk and vinegar is mixed is it a physical or a chemical change? A substance called Casein forms.

Milk curdles to form Curd and filter it to get the visible solids ( Curd) and separate the water from it. Milk into Stone; Boil milk for a warmer temperature and add few spoons or drops of vinegar in it.

Casein is a very long molecule that bends like plastic – that's why the lumps of milk are pliable and bendy. For example, a Science Project experiment seeks to determine whether water can be extracted from ink, vinegar and/or milk by raising or lowering their temperatures. 2020-04-03 16:55:37 2020-04-03 16:55:37. You should also reabsorbed the water in a cloth and keep it in sun for 48 hrs to harden as stone. Physical Change.

Some components of milk can react with acetic acid. The difference between chemical and physical changes is that chemical change is when a new substance is formed, and the reaction is irreversible. Now pour the milk/vinegar mixture into the filter bowl you made. The term is chemical change, not medical, and yes, it causes a chemical change. Many natural liquids are a mixture of two or more chemicals, so a good project would be to attempt to separate or extract substances by changing a liquid's physical properties. Anonymous. When the milk and vinegar (an acid) mix together a chemical reaction takes place. This is a chemical change.