1. What is Fair Use of Trademarks?

Trademarks enable the public to recognize goods or services as originating from a particular source.

One of the most important trademark rights is the exclusive right to use a given trademark in commerce to identify to consumers the source of a particular good or service, or a class of goods or services. In general, there are two types of fair use: descriptive fair use and nominative fair... 3. What is fair use? 2. What are the types of fair use? Unauthorized use of a trademark is an infringement of a trademark owner’s exclusive right to use their trademark. Courts impose three requirements on defendants who want to take advantage of the nominative fair use defense: (1) the trademark owner, product, or … Nominative Fair Use: The nominative fair use defense protects your ability to use a trademark to refer to a trademark owner or its goods or services for purposes of reporting, commentary, criticism, and parody, as well as for comparative advertising.

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