We represent the Sugpiat natives of the villages of Akhiok and Kaguyak located on Southern Kodiak Island.

Box 115526 1255 W. 8th Street Juneau, AK 99811-5526 Office Locations Access to our lands requires a Land Use Permit issued by Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. Take a GPS, compass and the necessary paper maps to facilitate proper land navigation on and off AKI lands. Make sure you have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely navigate the terrain, and always leave a … Alaska Department of Fish and Game P.O. This satellite map of Kodiak Island Borough is meant for illustration purposes only. Satellite map shows the Earth's surface as it really looks like. Plan your cruise, land tour, or custom package. Discover Alaska's best destinations and excursions. The above map is based on satellite images taken on July 2004. For more information about the regions served by each corporation refer to the Alaska Federation of Natives website's membership page.

Tribal History The Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak (STK) is a federally-recognized Alaska Native Tribe located within the City of Kodiak on Kodiak Island in the north-western edge of the Gulf of Alaska.

BLM Alaska manages more surface and subsurface acres than any other state with BLM-managed lands. Koniag's business activities are classified in four segments, investment securities, real estate, operating companies and natural resources. Kodiak Island Borough Lands Viewer displays parcel, lease and other information about lands within the Kodiak Island Borough. Use the navigation panel on the left to learn more about the Kodiak Island Borough GIS and Map Center.

The general public that wishes to access our lands to hunt, fish, recreate, or other purposes must obtain a Land Use and Firewood Gathering Permit and Waiver. Except as specifically noted, it is closed to public use, just like any other private land, unless the user obtains permission of the land owner. Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. is an Alaska Native Village Corporation specializing in Government Products and Services, Commercial Real Estate, Hunting, Fishing, Tourism, and Lands Management. Map including Kodiak Island. All land owned by Native corporations is private land. This includes approximately 72 million surface acres and 220 million subsurface acres (Federal mineral estate) in a state with a landmass equivalent to about one-fifth of the entire contiguous United States. Permits and Maps admin 2020-03-24T14:18:31-09:00. The following land use and firewood gathering regulations represent the policies established by Leisnoi, Inc. The Kodiak Island Borough GIS and Map center is the portal for accessing this information. Native artifacts from the Kodiak Islands, engraving c.1805 from a Russian journal . Any activity on Leisnoi property requires a permit. Videos, photos, and hundreds of expert advice articles. Kodiak is the ancestral land of the Sugpiaq, an Alutiiq nation of Alaska Natives. Use Quick Links on the right to navigate quickly to our online maps and data. The original inhabitants subsisted by hunting, fishing, farming, [citation needed] and gathering. Organizations that form part of the larger GIS Community in Kodiak include State and Federal natural resource management agencies, conservation groups, native corporations, and utilities. Alaska 1 Realty 1712 Mill Bay Road Suite C Kodiak, AK 99615 Phone: (907) 486-4663 Fax: (907) 486-5674 Email: alaskahomes@gci.net Grant Shields Owner/Broker Cell: (907) 539-2663 Kodiak Island Borough GIS Website description: This is an online, interactive map which provides access to basic ownership, zoning and property value information maintained by the Kodiak … Archaeological evidence shows an Alutiiq presence on the island for over 8000 years and confirms the sophistication of the Alutiiq culture and subsistence activities. Permits and Maps. GIS Community Kodiak Island Borough GIS works with other agencies, formally and informally, to facilitate information acquisition and sharing across multiple organizations. For more detailed maps based on newer satellite and aerial images switch to a detailed map view. Location of Three Saints Bay and St. Paul on Kodiak in 1805.

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