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Top notch. Well done. Yellow shirt with a subtle blue diagonal zigzag pattern, reminiscent of the bruised banana away kit of the early 90s. Warning: viewer discretion is advised. 1 of 17 Though there have been mixed opinions on the leaked home and away kits so far, a majority of Arsenal fans seem to have taken a liking to the kits.

Share. Yellow shirt with a subtle blue diagonal zigzag pattern, reminiscent of the bruised banana away kit of the early 90s. After Arsenal signed a … For anyone that doesn’t follow the Premier League or soccer all that closely, jerseys (or kits) are a massive part of a team’s identity and culture. White shorts with red stripes. Planet Football; 30th March 2020 ; We don’t know when the 2019-20 season will end, let alone when 2020-21 will begin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to get excited about the new kit releases.


White shorts with red stripes.

Arsenal had experimented with the away kit for last season, opting for a full yellow body. Away kit. White socks. Quick Reads. FlipBoard. Arsenal's 2018-2019 kits are likely to be the same last ones to be produced by Puma, with Adidas heavily rumored to take over in 2019. by Mark Harris 2 weeks ago Facebook. Arsenal's away kit for the 2020-2021 season has been leaked online, with fans quick to criticise the design. Leaked pic from last month Home kit. Arsenal Adidas 2020-21 Home Kit LEAK! Arsenal’s ‘Leaked’ Away Kit Looks Like A Blood-Spattered White T-Shirt #premier league. The new Arsenal away kit leaked online this week but has left many Arsenal fans unimpressed with its blood-splatter pattern. Arsenal 18-19 Away Kit This is the Puma Arsenal 2018-19 away … New kit leaks for 2020-21: Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Barca, Juve and more.
Arsenal's new away kit for next season has been leaked - with many fans thinking the design looks like blood splatters.

White socks.

Arsenal fans will be looking to see what their new kits for next season will look like and this has now been leaked. Leaked pic from last month Home kit. Well done. Reddit. Images of Arsenal's 2020/21 away kit have been leaked online - and it's quite a shirt. Away kit. Arsenal’s new 2020-21 away kit has been leaked and the blood-splatter design has left fans totally unimpressed. Red shirt, white sleeves, white Adidas stripes, classy old school 80s-esque collar. The Gunners haven't had the best of seasons in the Premier League, but their kits drew a response from many supporters and rivals alike. The away kits for Arsenal's 2020-21 season have been leaked. Top notch. Arsenal changed their kit provider from Puma to Adidas in the 2019 summer and their very first kits with the North Londoners were loved by most fans as they brought back memories especially the bruised banana away shirt.

The ‘bruised banana’ jersey was a huge hit among the Gunners fans who took a liking to the unique style of the kit. The marble print has been compared … Arsenal’s confirmed new away kit for the 2020/21 Premier League has now been leaked online.