Visit, the world’s leading aviation sales site, today. View prices, specs, compare jets, watch videos and read the latest market intelligence and JETNET data. McDonnell Douglas was formed in the 1967 merger of the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, founded in 1939, and the Douglas Aircraft … Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at McDonnell Douglas Corporation, former aerospace company that was a major U.S. producer of jet fighters, commercial aircraft, and space vehicles. The helicopter's history of McDonnell Douglas will be considered in this page through their early firms McDonnell and Hughes. 29 McDonnell Douglas Helicopters for Sale Worldwide. April 27, 1946 : Mc Donnell Whirlaway (XHJD-1) The first helo of the company was designed for the US Navy. Search aircraft for sale for free! High & Mighty. Find the best McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Turbine Helicopters for sale worldwide.

Browse our inventory of new and used MCDONNELL DOUGLAS Turbine Helicopters For Sale near you at Rob Gray, Polk County Sheriff’s Office "The Polk County Sheriff's Office chose the MD 500E helicopter to support our Law Enforcement mission based on its unmatched speed, maneuverability, and performance. Our aircraft is equipped with the latest avionics and support equipment to give us all the tools needed to combat crime in the twenty first century" Learn about the Models include MD-902 EXPLORER, 600N, 500E, 530FF, 520N, 500D, 530F, MD-900 EXPLORER, 500C, and 369E. Page 1 of 2. In 1967, the United States Air Force requested the design of McDonnell Douglas aircraft to fit the demand for a committed air superiority fighter. In July 1972, the first F-15 Eagle (F-15A) fighter aircraft took its maiden flight.