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A brand new Mac laptop is, on average, around $1.6k, and will run 4 years flat. That’s funny. Macs are used around the world in al types of business. Is a pain to use the office computers.

Yes Office for Mac is not nearly as nice as Office for Windows and perhaps this is one reason few use Macs in the business world. Asked in …

Thanks to solutions like Parallels, we can still use it, but using PC programs, even briefly, is a great reminder of how much better off we are using Macs. For instance, our Child Support Guidelines program in South Carolina falls into this category, and it’s something that we have to use all the time. It worth noting that the parameter mfold is used only in the first step, where a suitable mfold parameter will lead to several thousand paired peaks from ChIP-Seq data for model building. It's kind of the same reason why railroad tracks are still at the same spacing as the wheels of Roman chariots and the sharpening filter in Photoshop is still called un sharp mask. “Still”? It started to collapse in 2010-2012. Macs default to 1.8 from their historical use in publishing, long before the Internet and Photoshop went consumer. I work in a small organisation, with most employees earning more than $100k/year. I know Radiohead does, but I havent seen a photo. 50% of the personal use macs. Perhaps most on this board are in the design field since few corporations use Macs in the fields I mentioned. Even if you add some light maintenance, that’s around $35/user/month. LOL.

One thing to consider is that the PC era is ending or has ended depending. MACS® Cell Separation - Select the best technology for your cell isolation We offer cell isolation methods tailored to your target cell needs.

Here's something I saw today on the Pedro The Lion homepage.

50% of the personal use macs. Maybe this will change in the future. links below for some examples. MACS uses a two-step strategy to perform ChIP-Seq data analysis: modeling the read shift size, and then peak calling.

See. Actually the correct question is exactly the opposite: Why do people still use Wintel PCs? I use only macs in my private practice, but the labs where I work use exclusively windows. Is a pain to use the office computers. Wiki User 2009-11-01 19:37:10. Our unique cell separation portfolio combines our proven magnetic cell isolation technology with exciting new options, providing for workflows across basic and clinical research.

Who uses Macs these days?