Human beings are special creatures because of their ability to rationalize matters. ... and into the history books.

andreiuc88 / ( Take a look back at one of the most perplexing mysteries in aviation history. Here are 14 cases of unsolved disappearances and missing people that captivated the world.

Their minds accept ideas easier when they follow a rule. Here, we explore the case of Lord Lucan, who vanished in 1974 following the murder of his children's nanny. 8 of the Most Intriguing Disappearances in History. In the case of many supernatural vanishings, these disappearances were believed to have been predicted or accompanied by extreme weather phenomena.

Some accounts place the event on the May 26 when a solar eclipse took place. This was the belief of Plutarch, as he describes as follows:

Human disappearances have been happening for centuries, leaving the people around them and many future generations grappling with questions of what, exactly, happened. Once they are not familiar to what is happening, they consider it a mystery. The curious case of Lord Lucan + 10 other mysterious disappearances from history; The curious case of Lord Lucan + 10 other mysterious disappearances from history. Luckily, the modern world makes such disappearances damn near impossible -- when people vanish, it usually turns out they were killed or kidnapped, or at least they were very likely to have been. After months of inaction, search teams have resumed trawling the Indian Ocean for the merest scrap of evidence that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which stunned the world when it went missing back in March, had plunged into its murky depths.. There have long been mysterious disappearances and inexplicable vanishings throughout history, with numerous questions floating about the answers to which are not always apparent. Other reports describe the mysterious disappearance of Romulus. September 19, 2018 ... mysterious monuments, and towers emitting a strange glow.

Here are nine strange tales of people (aside from Amelia Earhart) whose disappearances still haunt us today. Top 10 Most Mysterious Events in History.

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Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t there that make history. It turns out that a number of people throughout history have mysteriously disappeared. Some were famous when they went missing and became even more legendary afterward, and some reached celebrity status simply because they disappeared. Crusades, disease and nearly nonexistent bookkeeping made it easy to slip through the cracks without so much as a footprint left behind. The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 19.