In the Ninth Circuit, where many music copyright cases are filed, to prove copyright infringement, the plaintiff must establish (1) ownership of a valid copyright; and (2) copying of … We look back at historic rulings from “Surfin’ U.S.A.” to “Blurred Lines” The Beach Boys vs. Chuck Berry (1963) Led Zeppelin vs. Willie Dixon (1972) George Harrison vs. The Chiffons vs. George Harrison.

Christian rapper Marcus Gray, known as Flame, was awarded $2.7 million in damages Thursday by a federal court jury who deemed Katy Perry's … Led Zeppelin vs. Willie Dixon (and Ritchie Valens).

Led Zeppelin’s tracks had the audience swaying to the beats with... 2.

10 Music Copyright Infringement Lawsuits Where the Plaintiff Won 1. Ice was sued for copyright infringement and the case was settled out of court, with Bowie and Queen receiving an undisclosed sum and songwriter credit. While music copyright owners have a great deal of control over how their musical works and sound recordings are used, there are some limitations that permit others to use copyrighted material without the approval of the copyright …

For a few years, music copyright infringement cases have caused much head-scratching, but those days now appear over with the latest batch of judgements. In the event of a willful infringement, possible criminal penalties.

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