If sunlight is about 1500 watts per square meter, and your eye's pupil is about 1mm, then your pupil intercepts 1500W/.001^2 = … CoherenceCoherence Coherence is a measure of the correlation between the phases measured at different (temporal and spatial) points on a wave Coherence theory is a study of the correlation properties of random light which is also known as the statistical optics. That leads to an equation of L= c*h / 4kT where the Sun can be treated roughly as 6000K. an electromagnetic wave) maintains a specified degree of coherence.
Hmmm, hold on a sec. With filtered sunlight at the Earth’s surface, l 5500 nm, a 6.96 3 10 km, and consequently the far zone of the Sun is at distance r..3 3 1023 km, a condition not even remotely sat-isfied by the distance between the Earth and the Sun, r 1.5 3 108 km. Stable interference patterns

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Wave interference is strong when the paths taken by all of the interfering waves differ by less than the coherence length. What Will Be Coherence Length Of A Light With A Vacuum Wavelength Of 532 Nm And A Frequency Stability Of 1 Parts Per Billion?

length of the radiation. The Frequency Stability Is Defined Aw Af Is The Frequency Bandwidth And F Is The Average Frequency. Af 6.

In physics, coherence length is the propagation distance over which a coherent wave (e.g. Coherence, a fixed relationship between the phase of waves in a beam of radiation of a single frequency. Two beams of light are coherent when the phase difference between their waves is constant; they are noncoherent if there is a random or changing phase relationship. We report for the first time two typical phase coherence lengths in highly confined silicon waveguides fabricated in a standard CMOS foundry's multi-project-wafer shuttle run in the 220nm silicon-on-insulator wafer with 248nm lithography.
Temporal Coherence … Spatial Coherence is a measure of the correlation of a light wave’s phase at different points transverse to the direction of propagation - it tells us how uniform the phase of a wavefront is. The discrete radiant energy emitted by an atom as it… Coherence length is important in interference, eg why Newtons rings are only a few around the center of that lens for white sunlight, but hundreds when illuminated with a … This gives a coherence length measured in microns, which is conveniently several times the half wave is necessary for interference for visible light (0.4-0.7um full wave). To first order approximation coherence length is inversly to the bandwidth of the light, but divergence of the bundle plays a role too.