Here you can do an internship from two weeks up to three months. Internship Programs . Please join the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Center for Constitutional Rights for a meeting with leading Palestinian human rights defenders Raji Sourani and Shawan Jabarin.In this rare visit to the United States, Raji and Shawan will provide timely perspectives from the ground in Gaza and the dynamic situation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Because English is so widely used in the business world, improving the language skills of the Palestinians … The Centre is an independent Palestinian human rights organization (registered as a non-profit Ltd. Company) based in Gaza City. International staff members play an integral role in PCHR’s work.
The Centre enjoys Consultative Status … January 2, 2020. Check out the latest videos of Palestine Center Events! Internships – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. Learn More About The Jerusalem Fund's Diabetes Clinics in the West Bank. Human rights internships in Palestine is not one to be missed. Come hear two of Palestine’s leading human rights defenders discuss conditions on the ground, the status of human rights violations, and the future facing Palestinians. At any given time there maybe up to 4 international staff members – some contract employees and some interns. These internships focus on topics such as culture, media, politics and law. The Excellence Center welcomes international students from all majors and nationalities to apply for an internship in Palestine. March 11, 2019.

Teaching some English to local Palestinians is a fantastic way to contribute something to the local Palestinian people in the City of Hebron. The Jerusalem Fund Current Appeal . ... Balfour Declaration’s 100th birthday prompts calls on Britain to apologize and recognize Palestinian rights. The Palestinian center seeks to teach human rights to all groups of the local community, to disseminate and develop a culture of knowledge and awareness of these rights for all marginalized groups, to integrate human rights standards and principles into civil and political life and in the Palestinian social and cultural system, and to promote respect for and protection of human rights and fundamental … PCHR’s internship program: The Excellence Center In Palestine Palestine Human rights internships. The program is designed for students and people who would like to live in a dynamic place like Palestine to get practical experience according to … Palestinian Culture Program Palestine Remembered.
The Palestinian Center (Go Palestine) offers the following internship programs as well.

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