That’s Easter for me and my family. Since it can be difficult to know the exact beliefs of the deceased and those left behind, secular condolences are always appropriate, even for people who are not atheists or agnostics. It is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah. — N.T. E aster is a most joyous time in Christendom.

The Easter bunny bringing chocolate eggs for my daughter and my nephew. Dec 4, 2012. Wright 5. I've also included some advice for creating your own, personalized messages appropriate for atheists, agnostics, or anyone else. Shop for Atheist Greeting Cards, invitations, greeting cards, thank you cards, journals, postcards and calendars in thousands of beautiful designs. The refugees’ rights campaigner Alf Dubs will issue a secular Easter message on Good Friday to atheist and humanist prisoners held in British jails.

I don’t recognize any message of Easter. Some do, some don't. In both cases, if Christians can steal pagan holidays and change the messages to suit their needs, I see no reason that atheists cannot do the same thing. "The message of Easter is that God's new world has been unveiled in Jesus Christ and that you're now invited to belong to it." There is an assumption that atheists don’t ‘do Christmas,’ so they are surprised when I say how much I love it.

Email. Eating a great meal with my family All that stuff. Wright — N.T. Sure, you may have a religious message of Easter, but not everyone does. 117 views This is a facebook post by parts of my christian family who are close-minded as hell. It is a time when we reflect upon the truth of the Gospel – that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead. It doesn’t make it true. I can see how an atheist would celebrate Christmas but I'm not sure about Easter. When people find out I’m an atheist, the question often comes up about what I do during the Christmas holidays. Tweet.

I call those days Easter and Christmas and I celebrate the heck out of them. None of these rituals are Christian. The Bible does not instruct Christians to observe any days, Easter, Christmas, Passover, Feast of Firstfruits, etc. A very atheist Christmas. I like chocolate and jelly beans and I like presents. Atheism Original. celebrate Easter? If you want to be a good witness for Christ, live the life we are commanded to.

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