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She has red hair, and actually wears her suspenders. Read Lilyo from the story Fichas (Vocaloid/ Fanloid/ Utauloid) by CelesteLamboglia7 (Jeff kawaii) with 110 reads.

Endless Forest 611 views. 5:02. giving otone Peke a voice in Utau [tell your world] - Duration: 3:17. balloon chan 10,338 views. Peke's creation was caused by a mistake Rio made in the Vocaloid2 engine in 2008.

Welcome to the FANLOID Wiki This wikia is dedicated to the fandom of original characters and derivatives. History . Prima: Hi there, franchise lovers, I'm Prima, one of the many Vocaloids of all time, and this is Peke Otone from Japan. The shirt is very, very short, sometimes to …

Her name "Peke" refers to being the shortest of height while her last name "Otone" means Sound of Sound.

Sorry for the double upload but I got this request a month ago and I just got the energy to finish it!Request: paparruno 500Song: Ghost RuleComposer: DECO*27Original Vocals: Hatsune MikuUST: KyaramelFanloid: Benine RioUTAU Otone Peke (乙音ペケ) is a Fanloid based off of Hatsune Miku.

meiko, kaito, hatsune.

[Otone Peke Fanloid] Circus Monster - Duration: 5:02. Peke Otone (乙音ペケ Otone Peke) is deeply attached to Kikaito, in the way a little sister is for her brother.

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Her sleeves and skirt are black, her shirt is gray, and the trimming and tie are red. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This wiki has accumulated 44,690 editions, 1,737 pages, 4,047 images, and 21 active editors since its creation in 2010 January 18‎~!

She's what some people call a Fanloid and since she can't talk or sing, I'm going to sing any song while she holds picture signs of things that I mention in songs like flowers. Okay so I drew Gumi ^^ She has always been my favorite vocaloid :3 And she's also the first Vocaloid I discovered Proof I'm also proud of this drawing ngl And sorry for not posting anything for Easter I didn't like the drawings ^^'

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