Queens of the Stone Age is a rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States. Better Living Through Chemistry est une chanson de Queens Of The Stone Age, . Is it too late to go?

Rated R (also known on vinyl as Rated X) is the second studio album by American rock band Queens of the Stone Age, released on June 6, 2000 by Interscope Records.It was the band's first album for the label, as well as their first to feature bassist Nick Oliveri and vocalist Mark Lanegan.. Better Living Through Chemistry lyrics. It's saying it's okay, [that] the government says it's okay, for you to take Prozac everyday, every single day, to feel better and feel absolutely numb. Queens Of The Stone Age "Better Living Through Chemistry": The blue pill opens your eyes Is there a better way? The band is frequently labeled stoner rock, although they reject the label.They developed a style of riff-oriented, heavy music which the band's founder and mastermind Josh Homme described as "robot rock", saying that he "wanted to create a heavy sound based on a solid jam, just pound it into your head". General CommentJosh: "I think lots of the things that deal with drugs in our music are misunderstood.Like, we have a song called Better Living Through Chemistry which is an anti-drug song. The blue pill opens your eyes Is there a better way? A new religion prescribed To those without the faith. A hero holding a knife And blood is not enough Is it too late to go back?