Each sensor is 12MP, but when the image is created, it is the equivalent of a 14MP image. The Ricoh Theta S packs 14MP of effective resolution onto two 1/2.3" sensors. There are two lenses, one on each side, and they feature 7 elements in 6 groups with a maximum aperture of f/2. Ricoh has been making its Theta-series of 360-degree cameras for some time, but its new Theta S is the most refined yet. Ricoh Theta S – Main Specification. The Theta's Wi-Fi kicks on when you turn on the camera, but there's also a button to … 84 Comments. The hand-held Ricoh Theta features a twin-lens folded optical system that captures the scene around, above and below for fully spherical images. Twitter; Facebook; Google Plus; Ricoh Theta Z1 is Ricoh’s flagship 360 camera, the first consumer 360 camera to feature 1-inch sensors, along with other groundbreaking features.

At the base of the Ricoh Theta m15 is a standard ¼-inch tripod socket, as well as a USB port that's used to charge the Theta's non-user-accessible battery that's rated for 200 shots-per-charge. Ricoh Theta Z1 Review: A High-End 360 Camera Great 360-degree photos and video, for a price By Mike Prospero 04 December 2019 Ricoh’s Theta S is one of the better 360-degree panoramic cameras for consumers, despite some growing pains. Ricoh Theta Z1 long term review, features, FAQ, sample photos and videos (updated June 11, 2020) June 11, 2020. Image resolution has increased, and it … - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA.

Ricoh says the image processing in the Theta V is 10-times faster than the Theta S, and it was noticeably faster during our review. Post from RICOH THETA. Mic Ty. Looking like a candy bar with two fisheye lenses bulging out on one end, the Theta was an easy-to-use camera that produced pretty good results. What takes the Theta S beyond being a gimmick is that the two sensors included are of reasonably high specification.

It’s packed with fun features, including support for Google Street View. Share This! Rear of the Ricoh Theta m15. The USB connection also lets you transfer photos from the Theta's internal 4GB memory. Ricoh Theta Z1 Review and Comparison . I have … The Ricoh Theta is the world’s first mass-produced imaging device that can take a fully spherical photo with one shot. Ricoh Theta V hands-on Back in 2013 Ricoh introduced the Theta, which was the world's first consumer-level 360 camera.

46,935 Views. We had a close look at the spherical video camera Ricoh Theta S VR. In the following in-depth Rico Theta S analysis we highlight the pros and cons of this little 360 degree camera, which is now available for under $200.. Spherical Videos: a New Way to Record Videos.

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