Los Angeles to California Coast and Yosemite Road Trip From sparkling beaches to fresh food, this 886-plus mile route gives you the best of the Central Coast on the way to Yosemite National Park. Unlimited stops, edit, share, find recommended places of interest and campgrounds, manage budgets, print or export directions and more. I am driving solo, so I am looking for recommendations on the safest places, etc.
The total cost of driving from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA (one-way) is $122.63 at current gas prices.. An LA to San Francisco drive along the Pacific Coast Highway in California is undoubtedly one of the best road trips in the world. Traveling from Dallas to Los Angeles during May. When you leave Rapid City (H and A on the map below) you’ll want to head South on Highway 16 towards Mount Rushmore. I would like to achieve the drive over a 2 day period. Colorado to California Road Trip.

Each road trip offers viewers a chance to read route reviews by other travelers who have traveled the roads first hand and can give you the straight story on what to expect. Regular fuel costs are around $2.14 per gallon for your trip. Like Old Route 66, I-40 cuts right through Petrified Forest National Park. Road trip planner. Hi, I am planning a road trip with my three year old son. This Road Trip Planner assumes that you will already be in the Rapid City, SD area and begins from there. I am moving from LA to Dallas in a few short weeks and haven't locked down the route I am going to go. A road trip to Las Vegas is a common rite of passage for young adults in Colorado. Use our Scenic Drive Finder and Road Trip Planner to easily create custom road trips. I would like to know what would be the best and safe route to take and what would be some nice, fun places that a three year old would enjoy. From Dallas to Los Angeles - Time Lapse ... Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX ... 21 Road Trip Stops From Los Angeles to Las Vegas - Duration: 8:48. Los Angeles to Yosemite, the Ocean to Desert Road Trip The round trip cost would be $245.27 to go from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA and back to Dallas, TX again.. ... on the route and time of year of your trip. ... south on I-15 into Las Vegas and the Los Angeles area. Best Road Trip Planner brings you information on America's most popular road trips and scenic drives. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions that include rest stops and hotels. While you can drive between the two cities along the I-5 highway in just under 6 hours, taking your time and driving along the coast provides travellers with some amazing sites and stops … There will be a LOT of signs for this :-). And while it might be the smallest National Park, it features loads of impressive hikes, scenic viewpoints, and attractions that highlight the stands of glittering petrified wood (basically, old trees that have been fossilized) for which the park is named. Road Trip Planner – The Route.

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