Notes: Produced at La Gallera Estate entirely from trees of the Sidra variety of Arabica, a hybrid of the old and respected varieties Red Bourbon and Typica.

The Sidra varietal is a very nice change of pace from the usual Bourbon or Caturra. It’s the coffee of coffee.

Varietal is a term generally used in the wine industry to describe a wine made from a specific variety of grape (example: Shiraz or Merlot); these varietals give the wine a particular taste and profile, and this also happens in the coffee.

Sidra is a new hybrid varietal, made of Red Bourbon and Typica and combines characteristics of these two varieties.

A cup of Bourbon-type variety is lush and classic. Although many varietals of Coffea Arabica exist, C. arabica varietal Arabica (includes var. While we don't know exactly which variety it is, we do know for certain the variety colloquially called Sidra in Ecuador is an Ethiopian Landrace variety. To understand the coffee varietals, it’s important to …

The beans are all the Sidra varietal, which is a varietal currently unique to Ecuador -- a cross of Typica and Bourbon famous for its floral notes. The coffee is washed about five times to remove all the mucilage and dried on a rooftop for 15–18 days. typica) and C. arabica var. Coffee Varieties.

This is a wet-processed or “washed” coffee, meaning the fruit skin and pulp were removed from the beans … bourbon (named from the island of Bourbon where it was first cultivated) are considered to be the first coffee varietals. Coffea Arabica Coffee Beans.

As I expected, SL28 is largely dominated by descriptors like blackberries or black currant. Varietal is often used synonymously with variety, even when the plant itself is a cultivar or a hybrid, causing even more confusion. ABOUT SIDRA. So sweet, so complex and so delicate, this is the pinot noir of coffee. Arabica Coffee Bean Varietals. This is best as a light roast coffee.

Developed on a Nestle research farm with cup quality in mind, this coffee shines under the stewardship of Rommy Idrobo and Christian Marlin at Finca La Yumbada.

Ethiopia is widely acknowledged as the geographic origin of coffee.
A Sidra Variety is a new hybrid coffee variety, made from Bourbon and Typica, and it melds the characteristics of these two varieties.

This already jumped out as very representative of my experience. The cup most definitely has all of the qualities mentioned here and makes for an extremely pleasant sipping coffee. My one tip for anyone else brewing this coffee is to go a little coarse with the grind like you would for a light-roasted natural Ethiopian. So, a glass of Chardonnay would be a varietal wine, made from Chardonnay variety grapes. In specialty coffee, we often see these terms being confused.

The plants are fragile and don’t produce as much cherry as some other varieties, but they’re worth the effort. The coffee is picked ripe and depulped the same day, then fermented dry for 16 hours.

Ethiopian heirloom coffees often taste very floral and have a distinct citrus-like character often described as lime (see this great book review by James Hoffman where he talks a bit more about “heirlooms”).

Being the Sidra varietal makes it command a premium, as there are a lot of roasters looking for this. Having created a special network with the best producers around the world, Taf bring us always unique, small lot, rare coffees of superior quality. A relatively new variety, this lot was produced from Sidra: a cross between Red Bourbon and Typica.

The coffee was grown at roughly 4000 feet above sea level.

It has acquired the sweetness and the body … For the first time this year, we will be able to taste the new variety of coffee, named Sidra.

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