Image Courtesy of 10th Special Forces Group; These head systems are by far the most expensive pieces of equipment that are issued to a US Green Beret. The Whole "Tier" thing in regards to SOF is slightly inaccurate. We will start the list of the most famous Green Berets with: 7. He was the first enlisted U.S. Army Special Forces soldier to receive the highest award, Medal of Honor. CAG is a higher funding tier … I might be wrong, but from what I understand only Delta Force and DEVGRU are Tier 1 - special operations units entrusted with executing the most delicate missions. These NVG’s are a lighter, better version of the original PVS 15 dual tube goggles. Obviously units with higher priorities will get a larger budget. From the photos I’ve seen, it seems that most Green Berets are wearing PVS 31A’s. Tier two are "grey" ops.

Drew Dennis Dix is a decorated United States military veteran and retired major in the United States Army. Today, Green Berets are considered as Tier 2 special operations forces in the U.S. Military. JTF-2 remains the only foreign special operation unit to be conducted into American Tier 1 ranking (Along with Delta and Seal Team 6). Each Special Forces Group (1st, … Drew Dennis Dix. Furthermore, JTF-2 is a military unit specifically requested to perform operations that were seen as incapable for other special forces such as Seals, Green Berets, and Delta during operations in Afghanistan. CRF companies are an elite cadre of Green Berets who specialize in Direct Action (DA), Counterterrorism (CT), and Hostage Rescue (HR) missions. Special Operations Forces Tier System: Tier One: ST6, Delta, SAS Tier Two: Seals, Berets The big difference being Tier one are "black" ops. Its not so much a ranking system but actually refers to the level of funding a unit gets. Green Berets are “Soldier diplomats trained to build consensus with indigenous populations and wage war from behind enemy lines.