Driver side. He told me that out the factory my torsion bar keys could have been installed wrong and that's why I can't get my front end where it should be with everyone else. I am happy to report my hood torsion bar is installed and working well. I installed the keys thinking that i wouldn't need to have them cranked all the way up like my stock ones, meaning i could continue to level it out as the front settles. I suggest you have it towed to a good front end shop.
I guess taking a break from it helped me to revisit it with a clear mind. See all problems of the 1998 Ford Explorer . Car is sitting about 3-4 inches too high. I am having a similar problem on an 85 and can't get car to sit right. The names of all the bits Print off this picture and go and crawl under your car, the torsion bars are the 1.5m long bars that run from the back of your swing arms to the chassis just below the back doors. The bar with the numbers that end with an Odd number is the left side, even on the right. I think the problem happened when I removed my torsion bars to install new keys.

I guess taking a break from it helped me to revisit it with a clear mind. View cart for details.

Car has never driven properly. I have been considering torsion lift kits, slid underneath the truck this morning, and have a few questions: 1)There seems to be very little room between the bottom … Torsion Bar Key My torsion bolts are maxed out and I hit them with with an airgun at my do it yourself shop with the front end up in the air and after 6 months I'm still sitting at 22". I wasn't aware the bars needed to be marked when reinstalling and I … I'm reading your responses to a customer who had the torsion bars installed incorrectly on an 84 Eldo. Which leads to the wrong assumption that tighting the torsion bar adjusting bolt actually "tightens" the torsion bars and makes them stiffer. I am not really sure what I did different. 2003 1500hd 6.0. The torsion bar is the spring that holds the truck up. I don't know what you did wrong but you probably installed the lower control arm incorrectly. hey guys so I've been chasing issues with my suspension for about a month now. Maybe by adjusting the hood before installing the bar helped me. Shipped with a single torsion spring for each door. A wrongly installed torsion bar is downright dangerous.

If their installed in the wrong side, …

have the torsion bar been replaced/reinstalled wrong by PO? While employing the same torsion principal as a spring, the torsion bars are installed parallel to the ground instead of vertically as is a coil spring. Here is my issues. The torsion bar wants to slide as the door is raised and lowered. The only thing I modified a little were the fender tabs that the torsion arms attach to.

torsion bar installed wrong