U-NII Upper (U-NII-3): 5.725–5.850 GHz. The B5 GUI will limit the max system power based on the band you using to keep EIRP legal. The FCC currently has an interim limitation on operations on channels which overlap the 5600–5650 MHz band. If you have the latest code on the B5 is should take into account the newer U-NNI-3 EIRP max. Total transmitted power below 36 dBm effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP); Power Spectral Density limited to 23 dBm/MHz EIRP or less; Meet the emission mask and an emission limit of -27 dBm/MHz limit at frequencies below the bottom of the U-NII-5 band and above the upper edge of the U-NII-8 band. U-NII devices operating in the 5.25-5.35 GHz band and the 5.47-5.725 GHz band shall employ a TPC mechanism. of less than 500 mW. This spectrum was added by the FCC in 2003 to "align the frequency bands used by U-NII devices in the United States with bands in other parts of the world". The U-NII device is required to have the capability to operate at least 6 dB below the mean EIRP value of 30 dBm. U-NNI-3 Max EIRP is 53 dBm, max allowed system power is 30 dBm The B5 has the antenna gain pre-configured and is not changeable. A TPC mechanism is not required for systems with an e.i.r.p.