Here are some of the most memorable pop culture moments from 2009, including ones that will make you say "I cannot possibly be this old." We run down 26 movies, TV, games, and other pop culture events we're looking forward to in 2019, including Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Stranger Things. 50 Pop Culture Events Coming in 2019 Pull out your calendar/reminder binder and take a look at our gallery below of just a few must-see events.

It's been a decade since 2009, which means a decade since Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's VMAs speech, Obama was inaugurated, and Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time. 2010-2019: the decade in pop culture The Guide’s end of decade review, including essays, lists, illustrations and a worrying amount of Ed Sheeran 29 December 2019 From the Instagram Egg to Baby Yoda, these are the pop culture moments that kept us talking in 2019. These 9 pop-culture events in 2019 are making us excited for the New Year: Big Little Lies Season 2, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House, First Wives Club, and more.