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Male Xylocopa varipuncta are green eyed and have fuzzy, solid golden-brown bodies.

Dear Dave, This is a Violet Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa violacea, which is pictured on Iberia Nature where it states: “Their wings are brown like old film negatives, until the light catches them and they turn blue. Naturally Yours … They are looking for a mate. 4:14 .

Male is a striking tawny brown. Female is black with brassy reflections, perhaps.

We thought you might enjoy learning about this interesting native pollinator. They carve their nests by rasping their mandibles against the surface of the wood and vibrating their wings.

Discover Life. The most striking physical difference of this particular species is the male’s coloration.

Generally, they are solitary bees. Carpenter Bees have some pretty fascinating behaviors.

(UC, Davis) Identification . The Valley Carpenter Bee is named after the California Central Valley where it is found. sw US: CA-TX / plus Mexico including Baja California. Just recently we saw one of our favorites, a female Valley Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa varipuncta). This time of year, these one inch long, quickly moving bees are not out to collect pollen.

... Carpenter Bees - Millie Davenport - Duration: 4:14.

The females make their nests by boring holes in wood, usually the undersides of branches or beams.

Females are the standard metallic black. Clemson University - PSA 359,017 views. Males: ]] Females: Range .

… Instead she was approaching from the side of the flower. Valley Carpenter Bee is the largest native bee in California.

The female Valley Carpenter Bee can frequently bee seen at the Our City Forest Community Nursery bouncing from flower to flower collecting some sweet sweet nectar.

When observing this bee, I noticed that it was not approaching the flowers with deep tubular corollas (foxglove type flowers) from the flower’s opening.

... Carpenter Bee & Yellow Alder Plant - Duration: 2:37. Apparently, no other Xylocopa are so sexually dimorphic. The Xylocopa varipuncta (or the valley carpenter bee) is one of the few species of carpenter bee found in western New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and California. Its scientific name is pronounced: ZIE-low-co-puh vair-ee-PUNK-tuh).

Loading... Unsubscribe from Nathan Hill? That large golden lozenge hovering around the bushes just might be a male Valley carpenter bee (Xylocopa varipuncta)–the Golden Snitch of the bee world.

The Valley carpenter bee egg can be 15mm long. The males signal their sex with orange antennae tips.” According to Independent: “It’s about three times the size of the biggest bumblebee. Loading... Unsubscribe from Eric Grimes?