And my suspicion that the Viper is fearsome piece of kit. War Robots Gameplay & Comparison Test of 3 heavy weapons Avenger vs Viper vs Glory ,All robots and weapons are lvl 8 mk1 and just like the last comparison test.You will see comparison at different ranges

Home Recent No Rants Members ... Avenger vs Viper (silent buff)? And none of them is better than the Dragoon if you intend to keep your distance.

I run one with an Avenger on a Carnage and it shreds. Better for hit and run.

But back to the OPs question,which was a good one: Dragoon vs Viper vs Avenger. 3 minutes ago. That confirms my decision to never level a Thunder at all. The Viper and Avenger are actually quite comparable. Calamity vs Avenger vs Viper vs Redeemer? Last weekends test server included a rebalance for Avenger. War Robots Forum. Hope you enjoy! All of these characteristics make the Viper an excellent weapon, as it combines high damage and accuracy with a useful corrosion effect and versatility.

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Due to the fast projectile speed, an enemy robot can suffer many hits from this weapon in a short period of time causing substantial accumulated DOT. Community forum for War Robots by Pixonic and official forum of the War Robots Wiki . Avenger Rebalance Details: Shot interval without acceleration 0,09 → 0.1

Also works against bots with damage resistance, so it's really strong against Falcon, Ao Guang, and Invader. log in sign up. Avenger might well be the next weapon to get a hard nerf. 6 Pack League. User account menu • Damage Comparison: Avenger & Viper vs Kid & Ao Ming. … The latter means that the Viper can be used in a variety of roles, as a short/mid range support and …

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Skip Navigation. Tips & Advice. Viper does as much cyclical damage as Avenger at 200m(for any of the Vipers functional ranges) but it takes a few seconds for corrosion to work. r/walkingwarrobots.

I have a falcon coming out of the WS in a few hours, to be used in a rotation with a Pulsar Nemesis has my 5th bot in the only hangar I actually use (brawler heavy with a plasma fenrir, calamity bulwark and viper bulwark). « Prev; 1; Next » BirdofPrey72 Destrier. Community forum for War Robots by Pixonic and official forum of the War Robots Wiki.

General Discussion. General Discussion. Amazingly useful, thanks for posting. Close • Posted by. Hello to every fellow viewer and thanks for tuning in! In this video I am comparing Avenger and Viper on Ao Jun to see how rebalanced avenger works against viper.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Leagues. Damage Comparison: Avenger & Viper vs Kid & Ao Ming. r/walkingwarrobots: Fan subreddit of the PvP mecha-combat game War Robots.

Viper behaves like a more accurate Avenger, with bullets doing a bit of additional damage for 5sec after they hit. Please Login or Register. General.

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