Amsterdam festivals, events & exhibitions in April. What to wear in Amsterdam in February?

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Zandvoort in August.

Weather: As in much of Northern Europe, Springtime in Amsterdam can be highly unpredictable. The Keukenhof is in full bloom, film festivals thrill guests and the citywide King's Day celebrations wrap up a major month in Amsterdam. It's even possible the temperature will get 25 or higher. Thank you. The spring season is one of the top times to visit Amsterdam to enjoy the … Wear them with cool layers such as camisoles or a t-shirt for the summer, and warmer ones e.g. Wear: I recommend a warm jacket, jeans, a skirt with tights and a couple of chic tops. Spring and summer in Amsterdam, similar to those in London, Seattle, or Vancouver, are warm but mild — extremely hot days are rare.While you’ll want lightweight clothes to enjoy sunny days along the canals, make sure you’re also prepared for a chance of rain and cooler temperatures when the sun goes down.

Zeelandic Flanders, in May. Answer 1 of 8: I will be traveling to Amsterdam on a Viking River Cruise in early April. I was wondering what to expect for weather, and if some of you have suggestions about packing for almost a 2 week journey. Amsterdam What to Pack. It is a beautiful city famous for its outdoor spaces and museums. Amsterdam is not only the largest city but also the capital of Netherlands.With its vibrant cultural hub, it is an excellent tourist destination. What to Wear in Amsterdam in June: Come June, tourists descend on Amsterdam en masse, and for good reason: temperatures rise into the 60s and sunny blue skies are the norm. By April, spring has well and truly sprung in Amsterdam. In terms of shoe wear, a pair of warm, comfy walking shoes and a pair of chic ankle boots for going out in the evening.

Pack warm clothes, such as a winter proof/waterproof coat or jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves. What to wear in Amsterdam in January? Here’s what you should pack for your trip: You’ll want to bring warm clothes, including sweaters, long-sleeved sweats, and a winter proof coat or jacket.. Dress in layers, restaurants are well-heated. Amsterdam is very much a laid back place, and most places are used to tourists wearing casual (and warm) clothing, and that is what is accepted.. Is there anywhere in particular that you are thinking of visiting that may have a stricter dresscode, or for which you are looking for specific advice. A comprehensive list of what to pack for Amsterdam in winter to stay warm, comfortable and feel like a local. Zandvoort in August.