If your mom is attempting to undermine your relationship, the best thing you can do is leave her out of it, as much as possible.

I am writing anonymously, because I don’t want my mother or her friends to bother me.

While some people live in the past because they don't want to deal with the present, others live in the past for fear of what may come in the future. It’s very difficult not to bring up the past when fighting with a partner. If your intention is to be right, then you have lost the ability to repair anything with your partner effectively.

Most people bring up the past when they are arguing because they are feeling weak and trying to give weight to what they are saying. My Mother brings up her past to remind of how she has struggled in her life living in small 1 bedroom apartment with 3 kids and that keeps me grounded. My mother is in her late 60s and brings up the past, usually those unhappy moments in my life that I want to forget or have learned from. In response to the accusation that they are dwelling on the past, individuals can point out how those past situations are continuing to affect the family's present situation. Maybe you … Just like watching that favorite old sitcom you've seen 100 times, looking back on your life doesn't bring any surprises. One of the most painful ways to wound your partner with guilt is to bring up past hurts and wrongs. I think I'm an awesome mother and do the opposite of what my mother did to me. Bringing up children is scary. My friends who have had troubled emotional relationships bring up the past to try and find closure. Even if some of the past isn't good, it is, at least, predictable. Some parents will have their child be reminded by their mistakes. My mom and dad still do that to me bring up my past and the stupid mistakes i made while young. Most often, people do it when they are … If you judge me by my past don’t be surprised when you become part of it. No matter what your partner has done in the past, or how sorry they are for doing it, there is absolutely nothing they can do today to take it back.

Why does she keep bringing up the past? Most parents feel a lot of pressure because they know they’re shaping the type of person their child will grow up … We are always able to recall some past wrong which you have committed or some particular transgression which … You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one. Bringing up children is scary. | She doesn’t feel the past was fully repaired. As well as elation, you probably also feel a lot of pain, regret, disappointment and even shame. Answer #2. "Stop trying to convert her," … The bulk of repairing conflict (in a healthy way) is mostly about validating each other’s perspectives without trying to win the argument. A. Coach Heidi Bilonick McGuirk tackles the issue: How to handle when your spouse keeps bringing up your past.. Dear Coach Heidi, My question is; I have been in recovery for approximately 8 months. Q. When one family member wants to bring up a highly emotionally salient past event that has led to unresolved feelings, for example, a second family member protests, "Why are you bringing this up …

I don’t look back; I’m not going that way.