Foster professionalism. This material examines state-of-the-art solutions and best practices for addressing situations involving potential conflicts of interest where relatives are working together as co-employees or where outside vendor relationships exist with relatives of your employees. Managers within volunteer organisations are renowned for their ability to run operations with incredibly limited resources. Visitors are warned that this site may inadvertently contain names or pictures of … Working with both paid staff and volunteers, there is a sense of needing ‘all hands on deck’ within busy community and charity groups. The Fair Work Ombudsman is committed to providing advice that you can rely on. Scott Andrew McMullen has been handed a suspended jail term but his former boss may never face justice over his alleged involvement in the nepotism scheme. Nepotism and Bias in Volunteer Organisations: A Thorny Issue - Wednesday, January 18, 2017 .

If you are unsure about how it applies to your situation you can call our Infoline on 13 13 94 or speak with a union, industry association or workplace relations professional.

Managing Favoritism in the Workplace. Nepotism in the workplace – is this illegal? You may need to couch your perspective from the standpoint of how nepotism can affect the profitability of the company and how it's perceived in the business community, instead of your personal feelings about nepotism and fair employment decisions. At its very core, favoritism is unprofessional behavior. Now that you know how damaging favoritism and nepotism can be to your employees and your company, your next step is to recognize it and deal with it when it occurs. Refrain from making accusations and focus on the business instead of the people. This topic is intended to provide you with information on nepotism in the workplace. The information contained on this website is general in nature.
Here’s how. Ordinarily, in the private sector, nepotism (favoritism directed exclusively or mainly toward friends or relatives regardless of merit) is not illegal, and therefore, nobody has a cause of action against an employer for engaging in it.

Nepotism is another word for favoritism, usually in reference to a family member or close friend being given favors, promotions, liberties and special permissions above and beyond what others might receive -- whether in business or in government affairs.

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